Discover rare bottles as you learn about wine

The first wine box focused on learning

You should be able to learn about wine without becoming a wine bore.

The Wine List is a way to discover wine, and develop your skills at the same time.

Every month, you will learn one Wine Principle, a bedrock of how wine is made, broken into bitesize chunks. This will apply to all wines.

Month by month, you'll be able to drink better at every price point. So that you can make each bottle count.

The best way to learn about wine is through discovery – new grapes, regions, and winemakers – with a few core principles underneath.

Wine education: welcome to the home. 

This is your new way to learn.

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1. Wine Roots

Our monthly wine course: learn the principles, which you can then apply to every bottle of wine you drink.

2. Two delicious bottles

We import two bottles of wine directly from winemakers. Small producers, sustainably made. Fantastic to learn from.

3. Tasting cards

Peaches, elderflower, lemons, acidity, it's easy to forget the wine words. That's why our tasting cards are there to jog your memory and help you expand your palate.

The word from our community

Laura, 32

"I expected to get two great bottles as part of this – but I wasn't expecting to learn so much so quickly. We even took the tasting cards to our local wine bar to continue the fun."

Adrian, 39

"I'd looked at those wine courses you do in person before and always thought it looked too stuffy. I don't want to learn about wine in a classroom where I have to spit it out!"

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The Wine List costs £39 per month

Your first delivery includes:
- An introduction to wine tasting
- Your tiptop bottles of wines
- Interactive tasting cards
- Your learning plan

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