Best Aldi Wines

September 1, 2021

When it comes to finding great value wine, Aldi and Lidl are the best places to head. Many of their wines are priced under £10 (even under £5) and have been known to beat their more expensive counterparts in blind tastings. At Wine List, we're always looking for great value, great tasting bottles from the supermarket - so much so that we feature our favourite finds in our weekly newsletter and on our YouTube channel.

There's serious value to be found in your supermarket aisle - whether you're diving in to grab something after work or looking for something special. And Aldi is no exception. And with bargain prices and seasonal rotation of wines, it's not uncommon for their bottles to quickly disappear from the shelves.

So with that in mind, here are three of our favourite Aldi wine steals - wines to try, to share and to enjoy.

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What are the best wines from Aldi?

Best Aldi Red Wine: Pierre Jaurant Beaujolais

Who doesn't enjoy a classic Beaujolais? Furthermore, who doesn't love a classic Beaujolais for under £5. Isabelle included this in our newsletter after trying it: "after 50 minutes in the fridge, it'll treat you well indeed. Bubblegum and juicy fruits throughout." Easy drinking, juicy cherry flavours and a flicker of acidity, this is great to share with friends over dinner. A gorgeous example of a classic wine. Aldi Pierre Jaurant Beaujolais (£4.49)

Best Aldi White Wine:

From the north west of Greece, this crisp and dry white wine has left an impression on the wine world - awarded 91 points by Decanter and winning the IWSC Bronze for 2021. This is a great example of a classic assyrtiko: herbaceous, citrusy, with a good amount of salinity. The volcanic soils where the assyrtiko grape is grown also gives this a characteristic minerality. Aldi Greek Assyrtiko (£6.99)

Best Aldi Sparkling Wine: Castellore Organic Prosecco

This organic prosecco is a regular on best supermarket list. Is it worth all the fuss? In short, yes. This prosecco is dry, full of green apple and pear, with a hint of citrus. There's a clean, crisp mousse here that pairs well with the subtle sweetness from honey, fruity flavours. Grown sustainably in Italy, this eco-fizz is a bargain as well as being better for the environment. Cheers to that! Aldi Castellore Organic Prosecco (£7.99)

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