Best Asda Wines

September 1, 2021

Pricing in wine can be a difficult thing to figure out - should you always pay dear for a good bottle? And, does cost guarantee quality? 

The aisles of the supermarket (especially supermarket own labels) would suggest that the answer is no. There's serious value to be found on the shelves of your local shop. At Wine List, our weekly newsletter and YouTube channel often features wines to grab when you're doing your weekly shop - not wines that will break the bank.

You can be overwhelmed by choice in the wine shop, and stick to old favourites rather than take a gamble on something new. That's why we've compiled a list of a few of our firm favourites, from Lidl to M&S, Waitrose and Tesco. Supermarket wines are a great way to try classics at a cheaper price - especially because supermarkets are likely to make sure that a bottle with their name attached is good value.

Asda's Extra Special range is well-priced and there's an amazing number of bottles worth trying. From under £5 on offer, up to under £15 for a special bottle, there's something for everyone depending on your budget and the occasion. Read on for our three best wines from Asda, as chosen by Isabelle, our head of wine, and Josh, our founder. These have all been previously featured in our newsletter - so read on for our top recommendations.

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What are the best wines from Asda?

Best Asda Red Wine: Extra Special Pinot Noir

If you like earthy red wine with a savoury quality, go for a pinot noir from New Zealand. The Extra Special Pinot Noir from Asda is especially suited for food. As we wrote in issue 145 of our newsletter, its "light body and earthy character" make it great for pairing with fish. "You don’t always have to have white wine with fish and this pinot is a great example of that. Try mackerel, sea bass or even cod."

The microclimate in the Marlborough region of New Zealand is cool, which makes this smooth, easy-drinking and nicely bodied. It's also extremely well-priced. Asda Extra Special Marlborough Pinot Noir (£10)

Best Asda White Wine: Sancerre

The French region of Sancerre is extremely popular, which means it's difficult to find it at a reasonable price. At under £15, this Sancerre from Asda is a great example of an entry level bottle. As Isabelle writes in issue 150 of our newsletter, "it’s very light in body with green apples, gooseberries and grass."

The greenness here, as well as hints of citrus (lemon and grapefruit) give this a great level of acidity to pair with something creamy like goats cheese. Equally, it's delicious on its own - a true French classic. Asda Extra Special Sancerre, £14

Best Asda Rosé: Extra Special Malbec Rosé

Calling all rosé fans, this Malbec Rosé from Asda is delicious. Isabelle thinks it's got "more bite to it than a classic Provence style rosé." So expect something a bit more intense than your usual rosé, especially given its almost coppery colour. There's a lot going on here, with burnt peach, bruised apple, watermelon and violets.

It's closer to £5 than £10 and when Isabelle tasted this malbec rosé for the newsletter, it was on offer for £4.88. One to try at any time of the year - but especially if the sun's peaking through on a cloudy day. Asda Extra Special Malbec Rosé (£6.50)

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