Best Co-op Wines

September 3, 2021

As supermarket wines go, Co-op have a great range. They're the largest retailer of Fairtrade wines, boast a number of award-winning bottles and their Irresistible range is just that. What's more, Co-op know what their customer base is looking for, and have a comprehensive guide to shopping for wine on a budget.

Tip 2 in their guide is "trust in own-label wines" - a mantra we share at Wine List. When a supermarket is putting its name on a bottle, they'll be cutting out unnecessary middlemen whilst also making sure that they're delivering quality to their customers.

A supermarket wine might be something you grab on your way home from work or throw in your basket during the weekly food shop. But a bottle from the supermarket can also be great for a special occasion - and the wines we've featured here are exactly that.

At Wine List, we're always trying new wines from the supermarket to include in our weekly newsletter or taste over on our YouTube channel. Here are our 3 favourite Co-op wines that we've tried...

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What is the best Co-op wine?

Best Co-op Red Wine: Irresistible Pinot Noir

This Chilean pinot noir is lovely and light, with an abundance of cherry and a dash of mocha. We're such big fans of this award-winning red that we've featured it twice: on our Instagram and on our YouTube channel. Why should you try this? Because Burgundy is such a well-known and popular region, the prices can be astronomical. This pinot noir, however, is cheaper because it comes from Chile. It's aged with oak staves, so though you don't get the full impact of oak ageing, this pinot noir still has great texture and complexity. Our top tip? Serve chilled. Co-op Irresistible Casablanca Valley Pinot Noir (£8)

Best Co-op White Wine: Vanitá Grillo

You should never judge a bottle by it's label, but this one is great - and so is the taste. This is perfect for any albariño or Gavi lovers; the grape here, grillo, creates similarly citrusy and acidic wines. Grillo is a Sicilian grape, and this really does have a Sicilian lemonade quality to it. With stone fruit and lemon on the palate, this is perfect for a lazy afternoon in the sun. Sip, sit and experience the swirling flavours and acidity as you drink. Co-op Vanita Grillo (£7)

Best Co-op Sparkling Wine: Les Pionniers Champagne

Back in 2018, this Champagne NV from Co-op ranked joint first with Mumm Cordon Rouge in a blind tasting by Which? At under £20, it even outranked Moët, the best-selling Champagne brand worldwide. Three years on, and it still delivers. As Co-op says, it's "consistently excellent year in, year out." It's hard not to agree. This is creamy with toasty brioche and apple notes. If you're looking for excellent sparkling wine on a budget, this is the answer. Co-op Les Pionniers NV Champagne (£19)

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