Best M&S Wines

March 29, 2021

Here at Wine List, we regularly taste wines from the supermarket, which you can watch over on our YouTube channel. The wines we feature are often really great examples of regions and grapes you might not usually go for. And the best part is they're always reasonably priced; no need to risk £20 on a bottle you can't guarantee is any good.

The supermarket is a great place to discover the world of wine, especially when supermarkets put their own name on a bottle (read on for more about this...). Wines by household producers like Barefoot and 19 Crimes may be among the best-loved supermarket wines in the UK, but if you branch out you'll be amazed at what you can pick up.

We recently featured some of our favourite Lidl wines, which you can read here. Lidl is a good place to pick up good quality wines at an affordable price - and so is Marks & Spencer. Below is a list of a few great M&S wines to try out - wines that our Head of Wine has tasted over on our YouTube channel, and on Instagram too.

What are the best Marks & Spencer wines?

The Best M&S Red Wine: Bichot Bourgogne Hautes-Côtes de Beaune

This 100% pinot noir is from Beaune, in the centre of Burgundy. It's typical of a pinot noir, with a light colour. As Isabelle finds when tasting this bottle, it's an extremely elegant wine with a long finish, floral qualities (violet) and red cherry juiciness.

The grapes in this wine are grown in the Hautes Côtes de Beaune, a higher altitude area in the Burgundy region. This enables the grapes to ripen slowly, giving them a freshness and softness.

The Tuesday Night Wine: Puglia Rosso

You don't always want an overly complex wine - sometimes it's something easy-going that you're looking for. M&S's Puglia rosso is a great option to try in this case. It's a soft and juicy wine, with a deep ruby colour. Jeneve Williams, M&S's winemaker, worked with pugliese wine specialist, Patrizio Cova, to create this wine using the negroamaro grape.

As Isabelle tells us, this Puglia rosso also make a great train wine; you can pick this up in a miniature 25cl bottle for £3. Alternatively, grab a bottle (or a bag) and enjoy it midweek with pulled pork or barbecue chicken; something to bring out the cherry notes and sweetness in this wine.

Case of Puglia Rosso (£42)

Worth A Try: The M&S Classic Range

The Classic range from M&S is a great why to try different wines at a reasonable price. As Isabelle explains, by putting its name on the bottle, the supermarket will be making sure its good quality. We particularly enjoy #14 (Albariño) and #15 (Picpoul de Pinet) from the collection.

The albariño has a lovely peachy smell and taste to it -it's full and round with great body. The Picpoul de Pinet, meanwhile, is salty and savoury - and would go great with oysters or scallops.

Case of Albariño (£60) or Case of Picpoul de Pinet (£48)

The Lowdown

M&S is a really great place to head to if you're looking to discover new wines; we recommend spending some time exploring the Classic range. Try a miniature sized bottle if you want to give one of the wines a go without committing to a whole bottle, but we're pretty certain you'll find something that you'll love.

Looking for more great wines?

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