Best Sainsbury's Wines

August 27, 2021

When it comes to finding great wines that won't break the bank, the supermarket is a go-to. But how do you navigate the endless shelves in the wine aisle? At Wine List, we dedicate a lot of our time to trying supermarket wines to find the best tasting, best value bottles out there. We feature our favourites in our weekly newsletter and our YouTube channel, especially those from regions or grapes you might not usually pick out.

The best thing about supermarket wines is that you can find classic bottles at a fraction of the price. You're not gambling a big sum on a potentially dud bottle. And a great supermarket to head to find great wine is Sainsbury's. As well as stocking wines from big producers, their Taste the Difference range is great for finding some hidden gems. Plus, Sainsbury's usually have great food pairing recommendations to go with their bottles.

Isabelle, our head of wine, and Josh, our founder, have found some of their favourite bottles in the aisles of Sainsbury's - whether dashing in after work, or looking for something to take to a dinner party. Read on for some of our favourite recommendations.

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What are the best Sainsbury's wines?

Best Sainsbury's Red Wine: Côtes du Rhône

Are you a fan of Côtes du Rhône, but want something a little different? Head south, to the Ventoux appellation in the Southern Rhône - an area popular with cyclists, with Mount Ventoux looming over the Mediterranean landscape. As we wrote in issue 134 of our newsletter, this "huge mountain is no small feat to climb, but a paradise for vines. The cool air gives fresh, crunchy and juicy Rhône wines."

This Côtes de Ventoux from Sainsbury's Taste the Difference range is full of juicy, ripe raspberries and blackberries, it’s elegant and extremely drinkable. It's well-balanced with a silky elegance to the finish. The grapes here, grenache and syrah, are grown in a UNESCO Global Geopark - so you're getting a delicious wine at an incredible price (under £10...) that is also made using sustainable practices. One review on the Sainsbury's website reads: "Please don't buy this --- I want it all" - so do we. Côtes du Ventoux, Taste the Difference, Sainsbury's (£10)

Best Sainsbury's White Wine: Dry Furmint

Furmint is a Hungarian grape that is known for being delicious. And we think that Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Hungarian Dry Furmint is brilliant. "This is full-bodied and savoury, making it just as good as an aperitif wine (i.e. one to drink without food) as with a cheeseboard." Want a Wine List special recommendation? Isabelle suggests trying this with a pork pie.

The winery here, Royal Tokaji, is award-winning and acclaimed. The influential wine writer, Hugh Johnson, founded Royal Tokaji in the Hungarian village of Mád in 1990. There's a minerality to this furmint that owes itself to the volcanic soils of the Tokaj region. Fresh, crisp and full - and cheap. Dry Furmint, Taste the Difference, Sainsbury's (£10)

Best Sainsbury's Sparkling Wine: Crémant de Loire

As summer departs (did it ever arrive?), we look for something special to drink. Josh tried this last Autumn at a friend's dinner party. "She opened a bottle of Sainsbury's Crémant de Loire. This has a richness on the palate, an appley crunch, but with a real elegance about it. This punches well above its weight."

The appley freshness here demonstrates the high quality of this Crémant de Loire, which at under £15 is a steal compared to a bottle of Champagne. The winery that make this sparkling wine in the Loire Valley was founded over 150 years ago, where they have excavated miles-long cellars underground to age this delicious wine. Plus, it comes in a magnum. Who doesn't love a magnum? Crémant de Loire, Taste the Difference, Sainsbury's (£12)

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