Best Waitrose Wines

August 19, 2021

Here at Wine List, we regularly taste wines from the supermarket for our weekly newsletter and our YouTube channel. We like to highlight wines from regions or grapes you might not usually pick out. Or alternatives to great classics that come with hefty price tags. And the best part is they're always reasonably priced; no need to risk £20 on a bottle you can't guarantee is any good.

The supermarket is a great place to discover the world of wine, especially when supermarkets put their own name on a bottle (read on for more about this...). Wines by household producers like Barefoot and 19 Crimes may be among the best-loved supermarket wines in the UK, but if you branch out you'll be amazed at what you can pick up.

Waitrose stocks a number of exclusive wine ranges (as does M&S), alongside wines from other producers. Their No. 1 range, for example, highlights world class wines made in partnership with renowned producers. The Blueprint range, meanwhile, aims to offer high quality classic wines at great value - we tasted the Rioja from this collection over on our YouTube. And their Loved & Found range celebrates wines from lesser-known grape varieties that you don't often get in the supermarket.

But which Waitrose wines does the Wine List team love? Below is a list of our favourite wines from Waitrose that we whole-heartedly recommend. All the wines featured have been tasted by either Isabelle or Josh, and written about in our weekly newsletter.

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What are the best Waitrose wines?

Best Waitrose Red Wine: Loved & Found Marselan

From the Loved & Found range which highlights lesser-known grape varieties (and therefore a Wine List go-to), this Marselan comes highly recommended. This French grape from Marseillan in Languedoc was created 60 years ago and it's a cross between cabernet sauvignon and grenache. The grape was largely unpopular until the 1990s, and in January 2021, it was one of six grape varieties permitted for use in Bordeaux to help the region future-proof against climate change.

We recommend giving this 30 minutes air before drinking this wine, which is gorgeous, smooth and balanced. Dark red berries and black fruit with just the right amount of black pepper. It's also under £10. Waitrose Loved & Found Marselan, £6.99

Best Waitrose White Wine: Menetou Salon Le Prieure des Aublats

If you're a fan of Sancerre but not the prices that come with it, try a Menetou Salon. As Isabelle explains in issue 150 of our newsletter, "A village across the river, its name is far less famous so you can often get similar wine for better value." And this bottle from Waitrose is delicious.

If you need any more of a reason to try this out, it is dry with a long finish and good amount of body. There's a lot going on here too; you'll find some earthiness (particularly minerality), an abundance of floral and citrus aromas, with a touch of musk and spiciness. Take to a dinner party, especially if there's seafood on the menu. Menetou Salon Le Prieure des Aublats, £18.99

Best Waitrose Sparkling Wine: Prince Alexandre Crémant de Loire AOC

This crémant for the Loire Valley is a blend of chenin blanc, chardonnay and cabernet franc. As Josh writes in issue 87 of the Wine List newsletter, "The result is fresh but gentle, with green apples throughout" - with a touch of red fruit from the cab franc. This is elegant and dry with a gorgeous creamy mousse, making it great as an apéritif.

As an alternative to Champagne, crémant has been enjoying a bit of a moment over the past year of so. And every supermarket seems to be making one. Waitrose's Prince Alexandre Crémant de Loire is a delightful contribution to the trend. At under £15, this is a no-brainer and a great example of sparkling wine that can hold its own against more expensive Champagne. Prince Alexandre Crémant de Loire AOC, £12.99

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