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September 1, 2020

What's the perfect wine glass to buy?

That's a tough question to answer. Perhaps the one thing more intimidating and confusing than wine tasting is choosing the right wine glass

A quick google will reveal a minefield of choice. Companies are jostling to sell you hundreds of different glasses coming in all shapes and sizes. Large glasses, stemless glasses, red wine glasses, white wine glasses, really cheap ones, incredibly expensive ones ...the list is endless. And daunting. 

That's not to say picking a wine glass is not important. While we won't judge if you swig wine from the bottle now and again, to really make the most of your beverage you need a decent wine glass. 

What's the difference between white and red wine glasses?

In short, white wine is best enjoyed in vessels with smaller bowls — the shape helps to trap its aromas and maintain the cooler temperature that is essential in bringing out the best in whites. Reds, meanwhile, taste smoother from a glass with a wider bowl. 

So which wine glass should you pick? 

Here at The Wine List, we are firm believers that simplicity is always best. One glass can rule them all—no need to fill your kitchen cabinet with a million chalices. 

We recommend getting a solid set of our six 'everyday' glasses – their size and shape make them perfect for enjoying red, white, sparkling and everything in between. 

Working with our partners in Germany, we've created a glass that not only brings out the aromas in your vino but is the perfect blend of quality and price. 

We also appreciate that sometimes you might want something a bit more sophisticated - whether it's to mark a special occasion or because you want to take your tasting to the next level. 

That's where the Richard Benson x Jancis Robinson Universal glass comes in. Delicate but not fragile, this stunning bit of kit has an ultra-fine rim that allows you to get up close and personal to whatever you're savouring - whether it's your favourite Sauvignon Blanc or fancy champagne. Oh, and did we mention that it's dishwasher friendly too? 

How many wine glasses do you need? 

Again, less is more. If you want to go that extra mile and get serious about wine, then we do recommend you get yourself a universal glass – it will take your tasting experience to that next level. But one will do. Maybe two, if you like drinking with friends (and we recommend doing that too). 

And if you've got a penchant for sparkling wine, then a flute is quite a good idea – the shape helps to keep it bubbly for longer.

How far do you need to fill up a wine glass?

So you've nailed your wine choice, and you now have your new prized glass at the ready. But how much liquid should you pour? The technical answer is: it varies according to each wine and type of glass. Whites and sparkling typically need to be filled a bit more than reds.

But a great rule of thumb for whatever you're pouring yourself is to fill up the glass until you reach its widest point (or just above it) – this is so that plenty of air can fill the bowl and bring out those all-important aromas.  

And that's it! You can now put a nice big tick next to 'learn about wine glasses' and crack on with ordering one for yourself, filled with confidence. Enjoy. 

Buy six Wine List Everyday Glasses for £49.99

Buy two Richard Benson x Jancis Robinson Universal glasses for £70.

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