Christmas Wine Pairing - What to Drink

December 18, 2020

How to choose what to drink with Christmas dinner

Christmas is not going to be the same this year, so we want to take away some of the stress you may be having when it comes to wine pairing. If you're looking for something to go with that turkey or goose, here are a few pointers we’ve collated from one of the December 2018 issues of Josh’s newsletters! 

First and foremost: buy what you love. 

Buy what you can afford. 

Don’t search for some perfect pairing. The perfect pairing is whatever you love, and lots of it. That’s true all year round but seems to need extra reminding at Christmas. 

That said… here is what will naturally go:


On the turkey front, it's a non-fatty white meat that's not overpowering. That means you really want to avoid tannins which are just going to clash with the food. So in that case, one of the easiest choices you can make would be to go for a pinot noir, gamay, or a cool climate red grape. For those with cellars full of older wines, open up something fully mature so that the tannins have softened. If white is more your vibe, full-bodied, oaky Chardonnay is the perfect way to go. A Louis Latour White Burgundy would be perfect! As luck, or good taste, would have it, it’s on offer at Waitrose for £11.99 until January… 


Goose, unlike turkey, is a heavily fatty bird. That means it needs acidity and a bit of residual sugar to match. For me that calls for the wine boffins’ favourite: riesling! Why not try Lidl’s Clare Valley Riesling, which at just £6.99 is fantastic value. But if an off-dry riesling isn’t your bag, you can just as easily stick to any cool climate wine and should be fine. I recommend Le Fou, a pinot noir, for anyone who prefers wines to be bigger and fuller bodied. You can find it for £8.99 at Kwoff, or south Londoners can find it at Wild & Lees.

Merry Christmas and enjoy the festive season!

If you've got any Christmas dinner pairing recommendations we'd love to hear your thoughts... 

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