How does a wine subscription work?

February 16, 2021

When Josh announced the launch of Wine List in his weekly newsletter back in August 2019, he summed wine learning up like this:

“There’s two options at the moment: go and study a formal wine qualification. It costs hundreds of pounds with dozens of hours or study. Or you can buy a huge wine encyclopaedia, or watch a YouTube video or attend a tasting. The former is too much for most and the latter isn’t active learning.”

And with that, Wine List was created. Every month since then, we’ve sent out two bottles of wine (one red and one white) for our customers to taste as they learn. Each wine comes with an in-depth tasting card with information on the winemaker, grape, region and a bit of trivia too. 

But that’s not all, our 12-month wine course is included with the subscription. It’s a flexible, bitesize way to learn about wine, freed from the shackles of committing hours of time and masses of money. Over the year, lessons include topics like:

  • What skin contact means and how it effects the taste, colour and tannins in wine
  • Why climate is important in wine production and how it can effect wine
  • What different wine styles are and how these are used to categorise different wines

Whether you’re a total wine novice, or more of an aficionado, Wine List has something for everyone. We choose wines from lesser-known producers and regions. Wines you wouldn’t usually find in the supermarket (or even your local bottle shop). 

How does the wine subscription work?

  1. Sign up and receive your first two bottles in the post, complete with your first monthly lesson: how to taste
  2. Tune in for our monthly (virtual) tasting with our head of wine for an in-depth taste of each wine
  3. Follow us on Instagram for regular wine tasting videos, including exclusive taste tests of supermarket wines (you can check them out on YouTube too)
  4. Restock on your favourite wines via the surplus store through your account page
  5. Sit back and enjoy the wine - we’ll keep you updated with upcoming wines, events and offers

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