JWL Issue #108: How to work out body in wine

August 18, 2020

It's a year this month since we sent out our first ever box of wine. It's been an incredible year. I went full time on the business at the start of 2020. Lockdown happened. We've spent a long time developing our wine course. And have the most exciting roadmap for future parts of the product imaginable.

But all highs have their lows. This month, we've been hit the worst delays in shipment we've had since we started. I'm sorry to everyone who has experienced a delay this month as a result.

August Answers

Now that everyone should have their shipments, we can release the answers for August. Take a look at this month's answers here. As usual, if you want to buy a case of the month's wines we've applied a discount that runs for this week only. 10% off when you buy a case of six or more. (Buy more Ode or Sass now)

Introducing new case editions

We are now introducing our case editions available to all. We had been testing these with existing customers for a few months now and they are well-loved by many. Head over to our wine subscription page to start your case subscription now.

First event

We are planning our first events as we speak. These will take place in London for the time being and we'll be testing a variety of different options. There are dozens of event styles we want to try, and will gradually test all of them. Watch this space for more, but expect the first one in September.

Elsewhere at Wine List

We are hiring and fundraising. With the latter, we plan to do a lot more of the former, so if you don't see a role suitable, don't fret. We'll be hiring a lot more roles at the tail-end of this year.

And finally, I've been using Bloombox Club this week and absolutely love them. It's incredible the difference plants make in the home - especially when you're spending so much time here. We've got you a code to get £5 off your first order – use code WINE5 at checkout.


Wines similar to the August box

If you liked the richness of Ode, then you'll love the Classics Barossa chard (£9 from M&S). Rich, honeyed, and full of sweet stone & tropical fruits. Just like Ode this is super ripe, but with the acidic bite to back it up.

If it was the rare grapes you liked. then Tesco Finest St. Mont (£6.50) is a great blend of petit manseng, gros manseng, and petit courbu. The same peachiness comes through here in just the same way. At £6.50 this is a bargainous house white.

Sassomano has a lot of directions to go, but right now – I'd head to Waitrose and pick up Puklavec & Friends (£7 down from £8.79). This cab/merlot blend from Slovenia has blackcurrant and smoke, with slightly smoother tannins than you get in Sass.


How can I tell if the body of my wine?

When we were taught how to tell the body of wine, we were told to use milk as a reference point.

Have a taste of wine and roll the wine around your palate. Think about how the weight and viscosity of the wine in your mouth. Now, is it closer to skimmed milk or whole milk? That scale is a rough approximation of the light-bodied to full-bodied scale.

For the non-dairy drinkers amongst us, think about oat, almond, and soy milk as your different consistencies instead.

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