JWL Issue #109: 3 red wines for cold evenings and pairing with fatty food

August 25, 2020

Plans continue for the first Wine List event. We're still finalising details, but the event with be a paired wine dinner at one of our favourite London wine bars.

Food & wine are natural bedfellows and we've found just the place to kick off our first event. We hope to announce formally this time next week.

The second type of event we'd like to do is a wider tasting. Industry tastings, where you get the chance to sample hundreds of wines at once, have all paused this year due to covid. We're exploring ways we could work if outside or limited spacing to do our own. Any ideas, hit reply and let us know.

September deliveries are arriving as we speak with plenty of run way for deliveries next week.

August £10 Gift Card

Not quite our EOTHO, but our own £10 to you to make up for the August delays.

You've got 7 days left to use your gift card. AND we've just uploaded the whole August Case Edition to the site. Fancy some English pinot gris? Argentine pinot noir? Great value vinho verde? Or some southern French red (robust and spicy) then head to surplus store now. Enter AUGUST10 at checkout.

Taste & Learn

As the temperatures drop a few degrees we've got some reds – which frankly, we've missed these last few weeks.

And in Learn this week, we take a look at wine & food pairings – specifically what to do with fatty foods. (I was daydreaming about fish and chips as I wrote this).


Colder nights, redder wines

Merlot-cabernet blends under a tenner can usually be pretty hit and miss. But Aldi once again proves itself a winner. This Stellenbosch blend (£6.99) is a medium-bodied delight: smooth and filled with cassis, blackcurrant, pepper, and vanilla. Endlessly quaffable.

Manos Negras is Patagonian pinot (£16.99 from us) and an absolute delight. Winemaker Alejandro Sejanovich has spent considerable time experimenting across Mendoza and Patagoinia with high altitude reds. (He's even the author of some groundbreaking malbec clone research). His pinot is full of red fruits with a spiciness to it that gives it a real kick. Incredible.

Light reds are the perfect summer-autumn in-between. If you've never tried a red Sancerre before, then Aldi's Sancerre Rouge (£11.99) is a great starting point. Cherries and strawberries fill the nose and then take over with a silky palate. Great value.


How can I pair wine with fatty food?

While there are some big clashes in food and wine pairing, for the most part, it’s about finding a balance that complements each aspect.

With fatty foods (anything creamy, oily, or fatty), you want to cut through with something acidic.

That’s why having something like Champagne with eggs royale works so well.

Ever found riesling too acidic by itself? Pair it with some food to make the most of both the dish and glass.

The other thing to bear in mind is that fat also softens tannins. So if you’re thinking about food to pair with your wine and you’ve got a young heavily tannic red, pairing it with a fatty steak and sauce will massively improve it.

When you consider how much of Italy is defined by its incredible sources of fat, you’re reminded of the old phrase: what grows together, goes together.

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