JWL Issue #110: Stone Cold Classics and Food Pairing Tips

September 8, 2020

Announcement time! We are pleased to announce our first-ever Wine List event.

This will be a paired wine dinner with Peckham Cellars in south-east London. Taking place on Wednesday 23 September, you will get three courses of food, plus paired wines we've chosen – and the chance to buy additional wines on the night.

Community is core to what we're trying to build. We're on a mission to help give confidence to wine lovers everywhere. And  building the environment you can learn with others in – and importantly have fun – is a core part of that.

Wine List customers: if you buy a ticket for the event, we will give you your next box half price. Just email us after you've made the purchase and we'll amend your October shipment.

Tickets are available here and are priced at £45 per person. Because of covid, we are limited by table offerings and so all tickets must be sold in combinations of two, four or six.

This is just the start for what we're planning. Expect plenty more in coming months as we test different types of events – if you have ideas, please do get in touch.

September is a big month in general, as we get to work on a few key partnerships. We'll be announcing one of these this time next week – and I think a lot of you are going to love it.

Response has been great to the Case & Collectors Edition so far. And yesterday, we shared your permanent discount codes to use for all future additional wine sales. Case customers get 5% off all wine on the surplus store, and Collectors get 10%. Want to upgrade? Head into your account now.


Stone cold classics

We're always on the hunt for best ofs. Here are a few of our favourites in different prices points.

M&S Classics No. 20 is Cotes du Rhone (£7 per bottle). CDR can often been horribly unbalanced at the lower end with tannins  sucking all the moisture and joy straight from your mouth. Not with Classics 20 though. This is dry, spicy, red and black fruit dominated CDR. Nothing too complex, but well balanced. Great value.

Somewhere, along the way, trends changed and we all started hating new world chardonnay. Which is a shame, because there's often some real gems in those big, buttery varieties. Lot Series XI from Aldi (£10.99) is one such example. This is big, smoky, buttery chard filled with tropical and citrus aromas. If you like this but wish for more subtlety, our own Ode d'Aydie Blanc will hit the spot (£16.99). And if you want polar opposite chard, then Lidl Macon (£6.99) is clean, pure, unoaked old-world chard.

If you like white wine that tastes of peach and lemon (and who doesn't?), then you might like Gavi. Gavi also stands up very well to richer foods, whether that's bisque-esque seafood, or light meat dishes. Lidl have one for £6.99 that's well worth trying if you've never tried one before.


Paired dinner? What are your top tips for pairing food

Food and wine pairing has a lot written about it. I see more books written each year about wine/food pairing than almost any other subject in wine. Some of my older tips I've covered before (acid is your friend, and tannins are softened by food). But here are a few more.

If the food is sweet, then the wine should be sweeter. This makes pairing either desserts or Asian dishes which contain sweetness slightly tricky. So if your food has a touch of sweet, make your wine a touch sweeter.

Match flavour intensity. This is a good tip if all else fails. God lots of bold flavours? That's going to kill a subtle wine. And vice-versa.

And finally – and I can't stress this enough – choose wine you enjoy drinking. The most perfect wine and food pairing in the world, is wine you love with food you love.

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