JWL Issue #111: Last of the summer wines...

September 15, 2020

This time last week, we were announcing our first Wine List event: a paired wine dinner alongside our friends at Peckham Cellars. This time six days ago, we'd sold out.

We cannot wait for the first event, and to all those who missed out – don't worry, this is the first of many. For all event ticket buyers, your next Wine List box will automatically have a discount applied to it.

Banquist Partnership

We are also pleased to announce a forthcoming partnership with Banquist. Banquist pairs you with top quality chefs to produce cookalong meals at the very high end. These ship from the start of October, and we'll have some exclusive early access for you from next week. Watch this space.

Our surplus wine shop has been restocked with the September wines. Need to stock up? Head there now.

Last of the Summer Wine

It's been hot this week. Surprisingly hot. So we've featured a little trio of reviews under the banner Last of the Summer Wine. (We'll judge the age of our newsletter base by how you respond to that comment. Hit reply and let us know)

Best question gets a free bottle

Another reader question gives us Learn this week. If you've got wine questions you want answered, send them in. If your reader question gets selected, you will win a free bottle of wine!

September Answers

Finally, it seems our September Answers got lost in the internet last week – and the email never left our inboxes. Apologies for that – you can view the September Answers here. (We'll integrate this into the site from later this year).


Last of the Summer Wine

Mirabeau en Provence Classic Rose is on offer down to £8.99 at Waitrose. This is classic as classic can be Provencal rosé and to celebrate this last summer fresh air, what better way is there to celebrate than with this.

Beaujolais Rouge (£5 from Tesco) is a bargain, pure and simple. Bubblegum strawberries and red cherries, serve chilled and you'll make this easy quaffer go down even easier.

Outlook Bay is Aussie pinot from Lidl  (£9.99). This has the brambly red fruit you expect from pinot noir, with surprisingly good balance for the price. As my Instagram bio says, forever on the search for affordable pinot, this ticks the spot.


What's the foil cap on top of the wine actually for?

Like many, many things in wine, foil caps have persevered more for protocol than for purpose.

Historically, there have been two major reasons for foil caps.

First, when wine would have been stored for a long time, they provided further protection to the cork. Today, with over 90% of wine being drunk the day it's purchased, this matters far less.

Second, the foil cap provides in some cases, the chance to catch any stray drips from the top of the bottle. At home, useful though not entirely necessary. In high wine service, however, great care is placed on cutting the foil properly.

To quote the Court of Master Sommeliers:

"Cut the foil below the second lip to prevent the wine dripping behind the foil & contaminating future pours"

For the most part, foil doesn't provide much value today but acts as another reminder of a time gone by.

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