JWL Issue #130: Finding Wines at Lower Prices

February 23, 2021

Our first March wine arrived last week – a white from Portugal, meanwhile our red is en route for the rest of the week.

In the age of Amazon, getting delivery fast and right is a hygiene factor for many brands rather than a point of differentiation.

For customers in London, our March deliveries will be fulfilled in a few different ways including via our own van and via PedalMe. The result is while we will be shipping the March order on Monday, some of you may receive it same-day. Considering just two months ago, deliveries averaged over a fortnight to get to you, this brings me great joy.

Teams tastings continue

While Christmas was a peak for teams tastings, we continue to have tastings booked for teams around the country. If you're a team of ten or more and want a bespoke wine tasting, then get in touch.

Talk Jura to me

No, not the scotch region, but a winemaking region in France. Jura is one of my absolute favourites. A mixture of Burgundian-esque cool climate staples, mixed with some really funky wines too. Isabelle and I hosted a talk exploring the region, and the accompanying wines are for sale here.  

Our YouTube Live has a set date

Many of you were asking for some consistency with when we run out monthly tastealongs. Well, now we do. It's the second Wednesday of every month. Our March tastealong will take place on 11th March. Head over here to subscribe to our YouTube channel now.

Taste & Learn

Taste this week explores different supermarket rieslings as a response to the great feedback we had on the February wine. While in Learn we answer the question of how to find cheaper versions of the wines you love.


If you liked February's riesling

Riesling is a wonderful grape and this month's Czech one went down a treat. If you enjoyed that and want to explore it a little more, here are three different styles for you.

This Clare Valley Riesling from Aldi (£6.99) is very dry. Clare Valley is one of the new world's best regions for riesling. It's packed full of lime and grapefruit, two of riesling's most prominent fruit aromas.

When people hear riesling, they traditionally think sweet. Seifried Estate's dessert wine (£16.29 from Waitrose) is a brilliant answer to that side of riesling. Instead of green aromas, you get passionfruit and honey.

Finally, we sent out a wine by Markus Huber around a year ago. He also makes a brilliant riesling for Sainsbury's priced at £8.75. This has wonderful acidity, bite, and minerality, but also some well-developed stone fruit aromas too.


How can I find more of the wines I love at a lower price?

Some regions are so famous, they have a high demand and can fetch much bigger prices. Wine can often just be about supply and demand.

What I like to look for is a lesser-known region. You’ll find wines with more value in them. I like to look at the neighbouring towns and regions to those well-loved ones.

Try a Menetou-Salon across the river from Sancerre. Still a sauvignon with that same texture but without the hefty price tag. A Gigondas instead of a Chateauneuf-du-Pape. Or a Bergerac instead of a Bordeaux.

Even visiting as a tourist, you get more value off the beaten track. Visit Australia’s King Valley instead of Yarra Valley.

Winemakers will be more welcoming when you venture out of the hordes of tourists. You can find great alternatives a stone's throw from your favourite wine.

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