JWL Issue #138: Supermarket Wines & What is Rosé?

April 27, 2021

With hospitality slowly reopening, April has flown by. I've been booking restaurant visits, but seems we were late off the bat – everything seems booked up for months. Where have you been eating and drinking?

Last Friday we had our Napa Valley tasting. This was five Napa wines By The Glass. This was a real treat and meant we got to taste some serious wines that otherwise cost £60, £70 and even £99 per bottle. Tomorrow night is our sauvignon blanc tasting. Final orders in before 12pm for that today.

Our pet-nat box is now officially on sale. This includes three wines from England, two from Italy, and one from Spain. These offer an insight into true alternative sparkling wine styles – from brut nature sparkling reds, through to frothy pet-nats and English pear bombs. WARNING: the Westwell has a lot of yeast left in some bottles as it wasn't disgorged! It's completely normal if you have some, just wipe away and pour normally.

We have launched By the Glass into public beta for new customers. Get three glasses of wine through your letterbox. This costs £16 plus £3 postage, and fits through the letterbox. Like Bloom & Wild but for coffee. This is now in public beta, so please join and give us feedback.

Want to get your next box of wine for free? We've launched our new referral scheme for customers. Head into your dashboard now to get your unique code. Every referral gets you £30 credit towards your next box.

Finally, we've got a partnership with our friends at Biscuiteers. We're giving away three months of Wine List and a box of Biscuiteers Wine & Cheese Letterbox Biscuits. Enter the competition here.


3 wines to see you through the week

Cava is made in the same way as Champagne and has those recognisable toasty apple aromas. This Cava (M&S, £10) is great quality for the price. It’s slightly savoury quality makes it a great wine to have with canapés.

The best way to drink your wine in a park? From a bag. This 1.5 litre bag of Provence rosé (M&S, £17) has a built in handle so is perfect for transporting it around. Incredibly light in colour with juicy strawberries and lemon zest. Even better, once opened it will stay fresh for weeks.

This red wine is heavy and full. Santodeno Sangiovese Appassimento (Sainsbury’s, £10) is made using the appassimento method. Grapes are dried out for months in drying sheds to concentrate the aromas. It’s used in Valpolicella and makes full, almost sweet-tasting reds.


It's rosé season - but what is rosé?

There are a few different ways to make rosé. The most popular way in Europe is direct pressing.

Rosé is made from red grapes just like red wine. Body, colour and tannin come from the grape skin. The longer the juice is in contact with the skins, the more of these it will have.

Provence rosé has the lightest press to get the juices, but barely has any contact with the skins. This is why they are famous for extremely delicate, lightly coloured rosé.

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