JWL Issue #147: Delicious supermarket wines for dinner under £15

July 13, 2021

I've just got back from a wonderful week in Wales. While I miss Europe dearly, I am incredibly grateful to have explored more of Britain these last two years.

Wales of course is home to one of my favourite British vineyards – Ancre Hill, a biodynamic vineyard which experiments heavily. Having now seen some of the Welsh weather first hand, it's even more impressive what they've managed to achieve.

We start this week of course saddened with our result in the Euros. During Sunday evening with friends, we drank both MV01 and Watchtower, two of our new incredibly special English wines we've got on very small allocation. Watchtower tastes of peach schnapps, while MV01 is a blackcurrant jelly baby delight.

We've been hit by some importing delays this month. Around half of our shipment arrived and has been sent out, but we are still waiting on the remaining half. The tasting will be available to watch in your own time, so don't fret – and we'll get the box out as soon as possible.

New tasting format

For those who join our YouTube Live tastings, you'll know we broadly do a couple of things – we prime you on how to taste wine, and then we talk about this month's box.

We received feedback that if you have been a few times, the 'how to taste' part is less relevant. So – from this Wednesday* we are trying something brand new.

  • Tasting starts at 8pm on YouTube
  • 8pm - 8.20pm – introduction on tasting wine + how to use your tasting card
  • 8.20pm – 9pm – overview of this month's box and winemaker stories

Let us know what you think.

Happy tasting



Elevate your dinnertime with these

It’s nice to go back to the classics sometimes, Louis Jadot Macon Villages (Tesco, £10) is a chardonnay from the very south of Burgundy. A little buttery with soft citrus and yellow fruits. Rather than the super high end wines that Burgundy is known for, this is an everyday wine that is utterly elegant. Pair it with scallops, goats cheese or fish pie.

Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi (Asda, £5.50) is a Northern Italian grape. They usually have an oily texture that coats your mouth and gives it a little body. This one is herbaceous with parsley and oregano, lots of lemon and a nutty, almond flavour. Pair it with pesto, nutty cheese like Comté or quiche.

Oxford Regatta (Waitrose, £12.99) is made from dornfelder grapes in Oxfordshire. It’s a little farmy and earthy on the nose. Then surprisingly much lighter when you taste it. Damson with raspberry, this would be good with lighter foods, try tuna steak, brie or roasted red peppers.


Two ways to think about food & wine pairing

First – the aromas inside your wine. Lemon & fish = perfect, apricots and beef, maybe less so.

Second – the structure of the wine and balance with the dish. Rich, heavy foods benefit from crisp acidity to cut through richness. If there's bitter tannins in your wine, salty food softens those.

One of you once told us how important orange juice was with your English fry up. It's the sweetness and acidity of orange juice balancing out the umami, salt and fat in the English breakfast. A perfect pairing.

Did you know?

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