JWL Issue #149: Cider is wine, methoxy(pyrazines), and 3 party crowdpleasers

July 27, 2021

Last week, we got the final part of our July shipment and got the boxes posted out to you. With all of you now is a light and delicious red from Pfalz in Germany, and a grüner veltliner from Austria.

We had two members of the team off with covid this month, which has slowed things down. But bit by bit, the team are getting back up to good health. Thank you to everyone who has passed on their well wishes.

We've been running a taste experiment inside our community groups these last few weeks – sharing sweets to help people improve their sense of aroma and taste.

Cider Is Wine

Swap out grapes for apples, and you've got cider instead of wine. OK, it's not quite that simple – but an increasing number of cidermakers are making cider in styles which'll appeal to wine lovers. We've got a new Special box – Cider Is Wine – available.


With covid restrictions lifting, and the data seemingly going in the right direction, we'll be planning our first events in coming months. As ever watch this space.


Three crowd-pleasing summer party wines

Picpoul de Pinet is a go to for any party. Widely loved, it’s light, refreshing and an all round crowd pleaser. At this price, you can keep the whole party going (Sainsbury’s, £7).

Switch to M&S Classics Soave (M&S, £7.50) for when the food comes out. It has a little more weight than Picpoul, with a stronger flavour profile too. Think savoury lemon rind rather than Picpoul’s juicy lemon flesh.

A beautiful ornate bottle, this rosé would be great as a present. It’s packed full of strawberries and raspberry jam but with a little savoury, white pepper edge (Waitrose, £13.49).


What are methoxy(pyrazines)?

Often shortened to just pyrazines, they are a flavour compound found in grapes.

They make a wine taste ‘green’, very vegetal-like aromas. These flavours are things such as green bell pepper, asparagus or mint chocolate. They’re in higher proportions in certain varieties. Sauvignon blanc and cabernet franc are the main ones.

The pyrazines will make your sauvignon blanc grassy and your cab franc fresh and herbal. They're noticeably distinct and when you get them, you'll notice them frequently.

Did you know?

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