Best Tesco Wines

August 17, 2021

Here at Wine List, we regularly taste wines from the supermarket for our weekly newsletter and our YouTube channel. The wines we feature are often really great examples of regions and grapes you might not usually go for. And the best part is they're always reasonably priced; no need to risk £20 on a bottle you can't guarantee is any good.

The supermarket is a great place to discover the world of wine, especially when supermarkets put their own name on a bottle (read on for more about this...). Wines by household producers like Barefoot and 19 Crimes may be among the best-loved supermarket wines in the UK, but if you branch out you'll be amazed at what you can pick up.

We've previously covered our favourite wines from Lidl and M&S, and this time - we're focusing on Tesco. When it comes to the supermarket's Finest range, there are some amazing wines to be found. Tesco partners with a host of producers, wineries and co-ops to make some seriously good value wine. As Isabelle always says, if a supermarket is willing to put their name on a bottle, they want to make sure it's decent.

Many of the Tesco Finest wines are highly recommended and often receive awards - but which ones to team Wine List enjoy? Below is a list of our favourite wines from Tesco that we think you'll love. All the wines featured have been tasted by either Isabelle or Josh, and written about in our weekly newsletter.

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What are the best Tesco wines?

Best Tesco Red Wine: Finest Ribera Del Duero

"For those who want reds with more strength, Finest Ribera del Duero will tick all the boxes," wrote Josh in issue 120 of the Wine List newsletter. As with most red wines from this Spanish region, the grape here is tempranillo, which makes tannic and fuller-bodied wines. This is a fantastic Spanish red, with a spicy richness and intensely fruity. If you've only ever had Rioja, this is a great red to try from elsewhere in Spain.

Bonus points here for architectural fans amongst you, the winery here, Bodegas Portia, was designed by Foster & Partners, the acclaimed architecture studio by Norman Foster. The winery is shaped as a three-pointed star which you'll also find on Bodegas Portia's own labels. This wine in partnership with Tesco, meanwhile, was awarded silver by the IWSC this year. Tesco Finest Ribera del Duero £12

Best Tesco White Wine: Finest Gavi

The grape in Gavi wines is cortese, which is known for its punchy acidity. And this Tesco Finest Gavi is just that. Isabelle thinks this makes an excellent pairing for cheese. There's granny smith apples, citrus and a wealth of acidity to cut straight through your cheese - so it's a "lovely alternative to the classic cheese board red."

At £8.50, this is a bargain for a great value Italian white. It's made its way onto many 'top wine' roundups over the past couple of years, and was awarded silver by the IWSC in 2021. Give it a try, and see what you think. Tesco Finest Gavi £8.50

Best Tesco Champagne: Finest Premier Cru Champagne

Good Champagne doesn't have to cost a fortune. The reason the big Champagne houses charge a fortune is because they're just that: big names. Tesco partnered with Union Champagne co-operative for this lemony, creamy and rich bottle of fizz. This Champagne from Tesco has made a name for itself from winning awards to multiple press mentions, and it really lives up to the hype.

At £21, it's a steal. Better yet, you can also pick up a half bottle at selected stores for £9. Perfect to share between two over a meal. Or wherever else you fancy. Tesco Finest Premier Cru Brut Champagne £21

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