Top three reasons to learn about wine

October 5, 2020

Before I studied wine, I really found it hard to find great wine. There was a bottle of Fleurie I loved when I wanted to splash out. And I knew that I liked Cotes du Rhone, even though I swear they weren't as good as they once were.

Occasionally, I'd decide to splash out. "I'm going to buy something really good today" and aim to spend about £20. Almost always, I was disappointed and it didn't feel twice as good as something that was £10.

All of that changed when I started studying wine.

So why learn about wine?

  1. You'll find wines you never knew existed – I never used to drink white wine as thought it all tasted like sauvignon blanc. Turns out there's hundreds of white grapes and I love most of them.
  2. You'll enjoy every bottle more – even if something isn't to my taste, I can find enjoyment in exploring something new.
  3. Your go-to wines will be better – because you'll have a better understanding of what you like and how to find them.

I created Wine List with the goal of making wine knowledge as accessible and fun as possible. While I studied a professional course, I think for the most part you can learn the key things in a more casual way. Our wine subscription is here to help with that.

So what are a few ways you can start learning?

  1. Taste more actively – really think about what you're drinking. Smell it, consider it, taste it, draw a conclusion about it. (Our tasting cards are designed to help here)
  2. Learn the basic vocabulary – we hate jargon, but there are some words that are useful to learn. Armed with a few of them you'll be able to articulate what you love (or hate) about a bottle.
  3. Step out of your comfort zone – try wines you've never even heard of so you can explore more.

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