What are the best wines from the supermarket?

September 3, 2021

Last year, we asked the UK population what their favourite supermarket wines were. 4,500 wine lovers told us what they loved most and 9% of people chose 19 Crimes.

But what about supermarket own label wines? If you look past these household names, there’s so much more to be found. At Wine List, we're firm believers that if a supermarket is willing to put their name on a bottle, they'll make sure it's good quality.

And each supermarket has something different to offer.

Each week, we include a range of wines in our newsletter - wines we've tasted (a hard job, but someone's got to do it), and that we want to shout about from the top of a mountain (or from the top of a vineyard). Our head of wine, Isabelle, can often be found talking about supermarket wines on our Instagram and YouTube channels too.

There's a world of wine to be discussed in the supermarket aisle. But it can be difficult to know what to choose.

So here's a guide to finding the best wines in each supermarket.

What are the best supermarket wines?

In no particular order...


Over the past couple of years, Lidl has really pulled out all the stops with its wine range. In 2020, the chain won Supermarket Wine Retailer of the Year for the third time in a row. Their wines often outrank big producers in blind tastings, and with exceptional prices, Lidl has some of the best wine on the supermarket circuit. Discover the 3 best Lidl wines

Marks & Spencer

M&S is a great place to pick up old classics and discover new favourites from lesser-known regions. Their Classics range includes a vast range of wines, all at reasonable prices. Meanwhile, the Found range highlights grape varieties, regions and wine styles that you don't often find in the supermarket. What are the 3 best M&S wines?


The Finest wine range from Tesco has some amazing wines that are worth trying. Tesco partners with a host of producers, wineries and co-ops to make some seriously good value wine. Furthermore, many of their wines often win wine prestigious wine awards, so you know you're getting a good value bottle. Read about the best 3 Tesco wines


Waitrose has a few different own label wine ranges, with something for everyone. Their No. 1 range highlights world class wines made with renowned producers. The Blueprint range, meanwhile, offers classic wines at great value and their Loved & Found range celebrates wines you don't often get in the supermarket. Discover the best 3 Waitrose wines


As well as stocking wines from big producers, the Sainsbury's Taste the Difference range is great for finding some hidden gems. Plus, Sainsbury's usually have great food pairing recommendations to go with their bottles, so this is a great place to head if you're after something to take to a dinner party or for a quiet meal at home. Our 3 favourite Sainsbury's wines


Asda's Extra Special range is well-priced and there's an amazing number of bottles worth trying. You can grab a really decent bottle from Asda for around £5 - working up to around £15 for a special bottle. If you're looking for a classic wine at a fraction of the cost, Asda's the place to head to. The best 3 Asda wines


A lot of Aldi's wines are under £10 (or even under £5), and they've been known to beat big name producers and more expensive bottles in blind tastings. With bargain prices and seasonal rotation of wines, it's not uncommon for their bottles to quickly disappear from the shelves. When wine lovers get wind of a delicious Aldi wine, it'll fly off the shelves... Wine List's 3 favourite Aldi wines


If you're looking for great quality wines at an affordable price, Morrisons is great. Their wine range caters for all budgets, from impressive collection of wines under £10, to higher end classics at (still reasonable) prices. "The Best" collection, in particular, is worth checking out. Read our selection of the 3 best Morrisons wines


As supermarket wines go, you can guarantee that Co-op will have something for you. Not only are they the largest retailer of Fairtrade wine, many of their bottles are award-winning. Their Irresistible range really is that, and their award-winning own-brand Champagne is a badly-kept secret... The 3 best wines from Co-op

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