Wine and Cheese Pairing

August 5, 2021

When it comes to wine, a food accompaniment can never go amiss. Here at Wine List, we think of nibbles as a great way to make wine drinking more of a communal encounter - sharing good food and great wine with better company. For that reason, we've paired with our friends, Cheesies, to talk about a very special kind of pairing: wine and cheese.

Wine and Cheese

There are lots of different tips, rules and guidance you can follow when it comes to finding the perfect to cheese to go with your wine, or vice versa. We want to keep it as simple as possible - so you can focus on the enjoyable part. Drinking and eating. With that in mind, here are a few top tips from Isabelle, our Head of Wine.

But before we get started, here's one thing to remember. A good rule of thumb: decide whether you want to highlight your cheese or your wine. Choose a cheese around the wine, or the wine to match your cheese. Once you've got one component sorted, the other will fall into place.

Matching wine by cheese

  • Cheddar - A floral, delicate chardonnay will match perfectly with a milder cheddar. Try a white Burgundy, or go for a malbec with a stronger cheese.
  • Gouda - You'll want something dry with a bit of oak ageing to match with this characteristically smooth and mellow cheese. Try a nutty pinot gris.
  • Goat's Cheese - There are lots of perfect wines to partner with this funky, creamy cheese. A top recommendation across the board, however, is a New Zealand sauvignon blanc. After a red? Try pinot noir.
  • Emmental - When it comes to this nutty cheese, think about the Alpine region it originates from. Go for a German riesling, a French gewürztraminer, or an Austrian grüner veltliner.
  • Red Leicester - You'll want a medium or full-bodied red to wash down this punchy cheese. Think garnacha, beaujolais or barbera.

Matching cheese by wine

  • Red - Stick to strong, older, hard cheese here. Go for a mature cheddar or manchego with fuller-bodied reds. Or pair lighter floral reds with younger, softer cheeses. Why not try? Vallechiusa Rosso, Ornina Wine, 2018 (price)
  • White - Perhaps surprisingly, an easier wine to pair with cheese than red. Go for acidity and funkiness (not too funky however), like goat's cheese. Why not try? La Cabra Y El Monte (price)

Looking to test out wine and cheese?

Why not try? Cheesies: small blocks of 100% cheese turned into crunch, sharable snacks. Simple.

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