Wine gifts guide 2020 - 10 Christmas presents for wine lovers

November 1, 2020

The top 10 gifts you can give a wine enthusiast this Christmas

Are you in search of a unique gift for friends or family with a passion for wine, but have no clue where to start? 

No need to panic. Our Christmas gift guide for wine enthusiasts covers all bases and budgets. Perfect for putting a smile on a loved one’s face, whether they’re a seasoned sommelier or a budding beginner. 

Oh, and most of these products will turn up at your door within two days – perfect for you last-minute-gifters!

Without further ado, here are The Wine List’s top 10 presents for Christmas 2020: 

10. Waiter’s Friend Double Lever Corkscrew Black

Waiter’s Friend Double Lever Corkscrew Black

Kicking us off is this beautifully simple corkscrew. Used by professionals all over the world, this trusty, classic opener does the job and leaves the limelight to the wine. 

Wine stocking filler: Waiter's Friend Corkscrew – priced at £5.99

9. Universal Wine Glasses

Universal Wine Glasses

Next up is this set of handy ‘everyday wine glasses.’ Made in Germany, they are perfect for all types of wine – they exalt aromas and bring out the flavours, all without breaking the bank. 

Wine List Everyday Wine Glasses – set of six for £49.99

8. Champagne stopper

Champagne stopper

This nifty champagne bottle sealer is proof that you can be a showstopper without being flashy. The chrome-plated, steel stopper will form a tight seal around your bottle of bubbly, helping it keep its fizz. And coming in at just £4.99, it’s a great stocking filler. 

Stocking filler wine gift: Champagne stopper – priced at £4.99

7. Wine aerator 

Wine aerator by Wine List

Another fantastic stocking filler. Stick the wine aerator on your chosen bottle and marvel as the wine takes on a new life. Once you taste a wine that’s been properly aired, you’ll never go back – making this aerator a present that will be used again and again. Not bad for £8.99. 

Wine stocking filler: wine aerator – priced at £8.99

6. Richard Benson x Jancis Robinson - young wine decanter

Richard Benson x Jancis Robinson – Young Wine Decanter

This bold and beautiful decanter is a must-have centrepiece for any dinner party. The bowl is big enough to hold a magnum (two bottles of wine), and it’s perfect for bringing out the mellow flavours in young wines. Simply pour the bottle, swirl, and let the oxygen do the rest. Will make good wine taste great.

Richard Benson x Jancis Robinson Young Wine Decanter – priced at £99

5. Le Nez Du Vin tasting box

Le Nez du Vin Tasting Box

At the halfway point in our list is the wonderfully named Le Nez Du Vin. You feel sophisticated just saying it. In layman’s terms, this is a kit with 50 pots containing aromas commonly found in wines. Thanks to the comprehensive guide, you’ll be able to train your sensory memory and develop your palate at a rapid pace –  ideal for anyone who’s really looking to step up their tasting game. 

Up your aroma game with Le Nez Du Vin – priced at £129

4. Private zoom tastings with the Wine List

Private Zoom Tasting

Coming in at number four is a whopper of a present. We’ve packaged up our Wine List welcome box (two had picked bottles and tasting notes) with a 75 minutes guided tasting session with a sommelier. The package as a whole is for four households, making this a must-have present for bringing together far-flung friends or family during lockdown and beyond. 

Order a Private Zoom Tasting for four households – priced at £149

3. Richard Benson x Jancis Robinson Universal wine glass

In third place is the delightful Richard Benson x Jancis Robinson Universal wine glass. Like our ‘everyday glasses,’ it’s perfect for all types of wine. The ultra-fine rim allows the flavours to flourish. Great for seasoned wine drinkers and special occasions.

Richard Benson x Jancis Robinson Universal wine glasses – priced at £70 for two, or £199 for six

2. The six drinks of Christmas – special box highlighting the six drinks of Christmas

For this seasonal box, we’ve carefully selected half a dozen wines that taste like Christmas in a bottle and grouped them in a set that will bring a whole new life to your festive drinking.  

Six Drinks of Christmas – special Christmas wine hamper – priced at £200 for six drinks

1. Wine Course Gift Card

And finally, the best gift of all. The gift of knowledge...and wine. Treat your loved one to a 3,6 or 12-month subscription to the Wine List. Not only will they receive a pair of exclusive, handpicked bottles, but they’ll also embark on a monthly wine course, where they will learn how to taste and fully appreciate each bottle.

Wine Subscription Gift Card is priced at: £109 for three months (7% saving), £214 for six months (9% saving), or £399 for 12 months (15% saving)

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