Wine List in the Press

June 2, 2021

We've been very busy at WLHQ over the past few months. This time last year, Wine List was just two people working out of a co-working space in south London.

The amount we've achieved - and shared - with you over the last 12 months has been amazing. But what have we been up to in the eyes of the press?

And what have the Wine List team been talking about? Check out a round-up of some of pieces we've been featured in online recently.

Grab a glass and click on through...

Reviews of the Wine List

Want to see what people think of Wine List? Manchester Evening Press named us one of the four best wine subscriptions in June. Why not have a read of Olive Magazine's review of our April box, which was called a great value wine subscription. In May, we were also named as one of the best wine subscriptions according to Olive Magazine. Meanwhile, Emma Henderson, review us in the Independent, found the Wine List a "clever and accessible way to learn about wine" and our tasting notes and monthly lesson gave more of an understanding about wine than "any wine tasting or restaurant sommelier description."

Ever thought of gifting the Wine List?

With Father's Day approaching, delicious magazine calls our By the Glass subscription a top gift idea. And though Valentine's Day is a quite a way off, Alexandra Dudley writing in her Town & Country column, includes the Wine List as the perfect romantic tipple, doubling up as a great gift AND something to drink with your other half.

What are the Wine List talking about?

When Chrissy Teigen caused controversy earlier this year by revealing that she'd spent $13,000 on a bottle of wine, Isabelle waded into the conversation for Irish publication, BreakingNews. While Isabelle wouldn't fork out thousands of pounds on a bottle, she explains that there's a world of great wine to be discovered around the £20 mark.

To launch the release of By The Glass, meanwhile, Josh appeared on Hoxton Radio alongside vegan chewing gum brand, Nuud Gum, and sparkling mead company, Gosnells. You can listen to the episode, hosted by food journalist Abbie Moulton, here.

The Wine List Journey

If you're looking to learn a little bit more about the Wine List, Josh spoke to The Buyer about all things Wine List - from how we started out, to what we do on day to day at WLHQ.

Since launching in 2019 (then a one-person operation), the Wine List has grown into a much bigger operation. blueprint thinks the Wine List is a top DTC company for the post-pandemic world. That's something interesting to consider, given that our customer base isn't all Gen Zs or millennials. As Thingtesting writes, we're part of a number of brands that are catering for an older audience too.

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