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What do I actually learn?

We have worked with a DipWSET and MW student on our 12-month wine course. This teaches you the fundamentals of wine, which you can apply to every bottle. Read more about our wine course in detail.

Am I tied into a contract? How do I cancel?

Wine List is fully flexible. That means there's no minimum contracts, and you can cancel or skip deliveries at any time. You own control of your account – just click the Account button – or in the menu of this site.

When will I get my delivery?

For your first order....
If you make your order before the 20th, we will ship within one business day & ship via DPD 24 hour.

If you order on or after the 20th, your shipment becomes part of the next month's delivery. And you will get it within a few days of the 30th.

For subsequent orders...
Rebilling happens on the 30th of each month. We then ship within 1-2 business days of this date, via DPD 24 hour.

How do you choose your wines?

We favour lesser-known grapes, lesser-known regions, and lesser-known winemakers. We believe the greatest value is to be found in these areas.

Every wine we choose is characteristic in some way and has something to learn from it. All wines are chosen based on how you can learn.

Can I choose a reds-only or whites-only box?


Our mission is to empower you to feel more confident with your wine choices. We believe empowerment comes from accessible knowledge. And to provide that knowledge for you, we have to demonstrate wine across all types and styles.

As an aside, our founder used to only drink red wine until he started his education and now drinks far more white now he's discovered the huge number of white wine styles out there.

Where do you deliver?

At the moment, our wine subscription is mainland UK. We are exploring how we can ship internationally both affordably and while protecting the wine. But this will be at least a few months in the waiting.

If I really like a wine, how can i buy more?

We have a wine shop where you can order previous wines. We also email you about this when they become available.

Can I buy a gift for someone?

Yes, absolutely. You can gift three, six or twelve months of Wine List to a loved one. Check out our gift page for more information. 

I'm a customer and I have more questions

We have more account-related queries you can read as part of our support page.

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