Wine Subscription Gifts

Give the gift of wine knowledge.


Wine Delivery Gifts

The perfect gift for wine lovers. Two bottles of wine and a wine course delivered to your door.

We import incredible wine from small producers. Celebrating lesser known regions, grapes and styles.

Members get access to our 12-part wine course 'Wine Roots'. Teaching the principles of wine tasting.

Along with live tastings, video lessons and community events.

At home wine course

As part of our wine subscription, you'll get one chapter of our wine course delivered each month.

You can also access our video master classes and live tastings to speed up your learning.

Learn the principles of wine: from how to taste, through to how wine is made.

These principles apply to all bottles of wine, no matter what you're drinking.

You choose

how long you'd like the subscription to run for. You can also add a gift message.

We deliver

2 bottles of wine and our wine course straight to their door.

They learn

about wine as they discover new and interesting bottles.

    "I was given a subscription as a Christmas present. I know a bit about wine but learnt more on the fun Youtube sessions, and the two bottles a month I have been sent have been excellent. Offbeat wines but no less good for that. I loved them. Company mantra is don't waste a bottle; it's true!"

    ALEXANDER - ★★★★★ - 25/03/2021

    "Despite having been drinking wine for over 40 years I have nevertheless learned a lot from the steady flow of new and interesting wines The Wine List sends each month. This is particularly the case because of the monthly online wine tasting of these and other wines."

    Ken - ★★★★★ - 18/02/2021

    "We have really enjoyed widening our our knowledge and taste. It's become an event as the box arrives and has really made us understand the subtle flavours and variations within the grape varieties and countries that produce. We have signed up friends and family too, great birthday presents!"

    Cheryl - ★★★★★ - 10/02/2021

    "Have been subscribed for a few months now and had a brilliant experience. I've learnt a lot about wine and wine tasting in this short time from the WL and have really enjoyed every wine that has been sent. I highly recommend this subscription"

    EL - ★★★★★ - 02/03/2021

    "Fantastic service. And some fantastic products. I am very new to wine and thanks to this company I’ve found one I love. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. it feel a bit more personal rather than a big business I can’t recommend it enough."

    LUKE - ★★★★★ - 31/03/2021

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    How do you choose your wines?

    We favour lesser-known grapes, lesser-known regions, and lesser-known winemakers. We believe the greatest value is to be found in these areas. Every wine we choose is characteristic in some way and has something to learn from it. Many of the wines we import are UK exclusives.

    How does the wine delivery gift work?

    Simply choose how many months you'd like to gift - 3, 6 or 12 months. We'll deliver wine each month along with our wine course. The perfect gift for wine lovers.

    When will the gift be delivered?

    You can select what date you'd like the gift to activate. Once activated, the recipient will receive their first box the following working day.

    Can I add a personal message?

    Yes. You can enter a personal message for your recipient at checkout.