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Wine Principles

Wine is a living thing, grown in the vineyard, fermented and then bottled.

There's a handful of things – grape, vineyard, weather, fermentation method, ageing style – that will define how it tastes.

We teach you one of these each month, so that you can look at any bottle and work out what it tastes like.

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Two great bottles of wine

Learning about wine is great, but all that theory means nothing without putting it into practice.

That's why we send you two bottles each month, just like these two from the February delivery.

These are worth around £16 on average, and won't be available in your local supermarket.

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Interactive tasting cards

Working out what a wine smells or tastes like is hard. In fact, it's commonly cited as one of the hardest things to describe.

Our tasting cards are designed to help you find the words you're looking for. Whether you're trying to judge how acidic a wine is or find the right stone fruit taste to describe it.

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