3 glasses of wine & a  wine course through your letterbox

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What you get

3x 100ml glasses of wine

12-month wine course

Through your letterbox

Three glasses of wine

Bottles are great, sometimes. But it's also a centuries-old format.

If you're looking to learn about wine, or just have a single glass in an evening, the bottle is a lot of liquid.

Not only that but bottles are expensive to ship – both in terms of monetary cost and environmental impact.

We have created a proprietary rebottling system which allows rebottled glasses to stay fresh for up to two weeks.

Three, 100ml glasses of wine, through your letterbox.

Our wine course

There is pleasure to be found in every bottle of wine. By learning about wine, we help you find that.

Our wine course is aimed at the amateur enthusiast. You know your Cotes-du-Rhone from your Rioja, but you've probably never heard of pyrazines.

Our 12-month wine course helps you learn:
– How wine is made
– How to improve your sense of smell
– and all the factors that impact the way your wine tastes

There's no fluff, and no pretension. 

You'll be confidently choosing the wine in a restaurant in no time.

Our wines

We import directly, meaning you get the saving from cutting out the middle man.

We prefer lesser-known wines, favouring indigenous grapes, unearthed regions, and lower intervention winemaking.

We rebottle these using proprietary technology which makes glasses stay fresh for two weeks.

And for the wines you love, we offer you discounts on case purchases as a subscriber.

Join our beta today

By The Glass is a brand new product we're launching in February 2021. We want to make sure we get it right.

Spaces for the beta are limited to 100 so that we can iron out teething errors before we release to the wider public.

Pre-orders now open. First boxes will be shipped from February 23rd on.