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What to expect.

Great bottles of wine sent to your door

Learning about wine is great, but all that theory means nothing without putting it into practice.

That's why we send you incredible bottles each month, just like these two from the February delivery. Each bottle is worth between £15-20 and won't be available in your supermarket.

We import wines specifically for our wine subscription.

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Wine Roots

We have put together a 12-month wine course called Wine Roots.

As part of our wine subscription, you will get one part of Wine Roots delivered every month.

Wine Roots gives you principles of wine: from how to taste, through to how wine is made.

These principles apply to all bottles of wine, no matter what you're drinking.

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Plans for all occasions

Our subscription plans offer great flexibility for every learner.

Find out exactly what you get with each plan below.

12 Bottles

I want to start collecting at the same time as I learn – get our collector edition, so you can drink one and save one.


£15.75 / Bottle

Everything in Case, plus:

Two lots of the Case edition.

One case for drinking, one for collecting

10% discount on extra wine

One remote tasting for you and your friends

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6 Bottles

I want to speed up my learning, and practice with six bottles every month instead of two. Rare bottles from around the world.


£16.50 / Bottle

Everything in Core, plus:

Four extra bottles

Rarer wines – often less than 500 in UK

Additional taste cards, to expand learning

5% discount on extra wine

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2 Bottles

I want to learn about wine with two carefully chosen bottles – imported direct from the winemakers.


£19.50 / Bottle

Every month, you get:

One lesson of a 12-month wine course

Two bottles. We import ourselves.

Taste cards to help you learn

Weekly micro-lessons

Community access & tastings

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    "We have really enjoyed widening our our knowledge and taste . It's become an event as the box arrives and has really made us understand the subtle flavours and variations within the grape varieties and countries that produce."

    Cheryl, TrustPilot - 5 STARS

    "I love the Wine List! I am learning so much about the wines delivered each month, and always excited to see what’s in the box! The new website is excellent, customer service is fantastic, they are always quick to respond. Highly recommend."

    LARA - Trustpilot - 5 Stars

    "Have been subscribed for a few months now and had a brilliant experience. I've learnt a lot about wine and wine tasting in this short time from the WL and have really enjoyed every wine that has been sent. I highly recommend this subscription"

    EL - Trustpilot - 5 stars

    "Despite having been drinking wine for over 40 years I have nevertheless learned a lot from the steady flow of new and interesting wines The Wine List sends each month. This is particularly the case because of the monthly online wine tasting of these and other wines."

    Ken - trustpilot - 5 stars

    Why should I learn about wine?

    You'll be confident when buying wine in supermarkets, restaurants and bars. Your go to wines will also taste better, as you know how to 'taste' properly. Finally, you'll discover wines that you never knew existed.

    What do I actually learn?

    We have worked with a DipWSET and Master of Wine student on our 12-month wine course. This teaches you the fundamentals of wine, which you can apply to every bottle.

    How do you choose your wines?

    We favour lesser-known grapes, lesser-known regions, and lesser-known winemakers. We believe the greatest value is to be found in these areas. Every wine we choose is characteristic in some way and has something to learn from it. Many of the wines we import are UK exclusives.

    How do wine subscriptions work?

    Choose whether you'd like to receive 2, 6 or 12 bottles each month. We'll send you carefully curated bottles along with our monthly wine course. Delivery is always free and you can cancel at any time.

    Can I buy a gift for someone?

    Yes. You can gift three, six or twelve months of Wine List. Check out our gifts page for more information.

    What are natural wines?

    Natural wine doesn't actually have a definition. It can refer to wines that are organic, biodynamic and low intervention. It's not a new thing, but it has more of a focus on it now as we care more about the chemicals going into our wines. We import different bottles for our subscription. Including organic, low intervention and conventional wines too.