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Wine List Tasting Panel member

Our mission is to give confidence to wine lovers everywhere. Our wine subscription sends you a wine course, with great wines to practice your new skills on.

In our first year, we've already helped thousands learn about wine by making it fun and accessible.

Today, we are on the look out for someone new to join our wine tasting panel. We might be biased but we think this could be the best job in the world.

Let me apply already!

Job description

Every month we send out wines to our customers. We choose these to help our customers identify aromas, under winemaking techniques, and discover new grapes they wouldn't have had the chance to otherwise.

At the moment, the three full time Wine List staff all help choose the wines that we will send out. But we want to find a new addition to our panel: someone from outside the wine trade to help us.

What does the role entail?
We will send you a selection of wines three-to-four times per year. You will be expected to try out these wines, then provide us with your feedback.

This will help inform our tasting notes, understanding of the wines, and our decision-making process. The wines we share with you will be from part of a short list of potential wines we're considering.

- Tasting up to a case of wine, four times a year
- Providing detailed feedback on each of the wines using our taste cards
- Making recommendations based on those choices
- This feedback will have to be provided to Wine List within one week having received the case

- You must be over 18 years old
- You must be based in the United Kingdom
- You cannot hold any established wine qualification
- You cannot have gone through any formal wine training

- Up to one case of wine, four times a year for one year
- £200 per feedback session, on receipt of the written feedback
- Applications close: 30th October 2020
- Candidate chosen: 15th November 2020

For further questions, please email

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